Amount of Money in Rewards Fund

September 4th 2017. : +0.71 Euros (75% of revenue generated in August 2017.)
August 1st 2017. : +5 Euros (Site development was prolonged, site is not yet 100% finished - but I added 5 Euros into fund)
July 1st 2017. : +25 Euros (Initial deposit of 25 Euros)

About Rewards Fund

First of all, let me explain something... I believe in sharing with others when it's possible. If I have enough to afford normal life (no fancy and too expensive stuff) I don't see obstacle to share with others from time to time... The same logic applies to D++... is commercial website, which means I will be earning money with it. My wish is to give back one part of revenue and share it with site members.

1. Rewards Fund is funded like this:
* Initial deposit of 25 Euros from me, to get Rewards Fund off of ground.
* In the first 3 months (July 2017. , August 2017. and September 2017.) - 75% of site revenue (Ads + Premium Upgrades) will be added to Rewards Fund.
* In next 3 months (October 2017. , November 2017. and December 2017.) - 50% of site revenue (Ads + Premium Upgrades) will be added to Rewards Fund.
* Every following month, starting from January 2018. - 30% of site revenue (Ads + Premium Upgrades) will be added to Rewards Fund.
* The Amount of money in Rewards Fund will be updated in the first week of every month (after I calculate monthly revenue for previous month).

Expected revenue in the first few months is not high, therefore most of it will go into Rewards Fund. Hopefully in 2018. monthly revenue will reach at least 100 Euros - which means around 30 Euros would go into Rewards fund each month... Just imagine 30% out of 1000 Euros a month :) It's lots and lots of potential rewards :) Yes, I am big optimist :D :D :D

2. Rewards will NOT be sent/paid out until January 1st 2018.
Reason for this is - site economy needs time to grow and stabilize itself.

If rewards and payouts would be paid/sent from the first day - the first members could exploit system and claim gift cards worth 5-10 (or even more) Dollars/Euros after just few minutes spent on website. Site economy would be devastated in seconds and I would be forced to completely abandon Rewards Program...

My prediction is that site needs 2-3 months to grow stable economy, however I will give it 6 months instead - just to be 100% sure everything will be ok.

Rewards Fund

At the moment, we have 30.71 Euros in Deutsch++ Rewards Fund. All rewards, both cash and gift cards, are funded from Rewards Fund.

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