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Deutsch++ is the first website online where You can learn German and earn money at the same time. We believe anyone can learn new language, especially if person is well motivated. One of the most effective ways to motivate someone in modern society is - Money...

What Does The Name "Deutsch++" Mean?

1. "Deutsch" - Because You will learn Deutsch (German) here.
2. "Plus" represents free knowledge You will gain here.
3. "Plus" represents money You will earn.

So, How Does "Deutsch Plus Plus" Work?

1. You need to register 100% free account with DeutschPlusPlus.com... Registration is very simple and does not require any personal information, only valid email address.

2. After Your account is active - You will gain access to members area where You can start doing basic exercises in order to learn and improve Your German.

3. Many scientific studies have shown that one of the most effective ways for people to learn new things is through play... That's exactly how You'll learn and improve Your German at DeutschPlusPlus.com - by doing simple but educative quiz-like exercises.

4. After every finished exercise - You will get Score Points based on the number of correct and incorrect answers You selected. At the same time, You will get explanations and advices for Your incorrect answers so You can improve Your knowledge and give correct answers next time.

5. Score Points will be added to Your profile and over time You will accumulate lots of them. These Score Points can be used for unlocking advanced exercises or can be traded for real money or gift cards.

Rewards Fund

At the moment, we have 30.71 Euros in Deutsch++ Rewards Fund. All rewards, both cash and gift cards, are funded from Rewards Fund.

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Use our contact page to write to Us. Regardless if You have questions, problems, suggestions, etc... We are here for You :)

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Find out more about DeutschPlusPlus.com, our team and our ideas - please visit About Us page :)